From the memory of a trans woman

The Third Sex Issue 3, article 9 (February 1931)

The issue of procuring women’s underwear is probably one of the most important for us trans women1. Because only a few trans women2 are able to dress completely as a lady according to their disposition, most of them will have to content themselves with wearing lingerie. However, many trans women2 will have difficulties in getting the beautiful lingerie they want. Difficulties that are both subjective and objective in nature. It happened to me that way and I still feel the same way today. In the following I want to chat a little bit about the results I got when I bought my first ladies and girls underwear.

The first piece of women’s underwear I bought was a pretty white girl’s bloomers. I was around 17 years old at the time. I had saved up my meager pocket change for a long time until I had gathered the required sum. And for almost as long, I had looked around for a suitable lingerie store in the near and far vicinity of my parents’ apartment, where I wanted to buy the coveted underwear. It had to be a shop with little traffic; because in a busy shop I would not have been able to ask for a girl’s bloomers as a youth. I also wanted to be served by a man. There was also the fact that not all small lingerie shops that sell women’s lingerie also have girls’ lingerie in stock. After a long search, I finally found a suitable business. I could hardly wait until I had the money. In the meantime, I often walked past the shop I knew in order to at least see what I wanted in the shop window. At last it was time. I had thought carefully beforehand what I wanted to say in the business. When I came to the land, a customer was there and I had to wait. If I wanted to refrain from buying lace panties at all (it was the first one anyway), I immediately had a different mind when I looked at the beautiful women’s underwear again in the shop window and, what at the moment I liked most interested looking at the cute, sweet white bloomers for girls. In the meantime the woman had come out of the shop and I took my heart and went inside. But I could not carry out my intention to be frank and free as I had planned to demand a girl’s bloomers. I asked for a collar button first because I couldn’t think of anything else. While the shopkeeper was looking for this button, I had calmed myself down enough that when I was asked if I had anything else I could say in what seemed to be a shaky voice: A pair of bloomers for a girl of about sixteen. Since the good man did not understand me straight away, I even had to repeat my wish again. I was astonished that the man would go to another table so easily and take a whole pack of white girls’ bloomers with embroidery decoration from a shelf and spread them on the counter. After I was shown different designs, simple and better, I decided on a pair of bloomers of medium quality, because I had to comply with the amount of money available. I went home very proud and happy because I had been able to fulfill my dearest wish.

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