About this project

Giving voice to the queer people of interwar Germany. Formerly a COVID-19 project, now a labor of love led by Erica Kastner.

We are seeking funding to finish translation of two periodicals, The Third Sex and The Girlfriend. We are also seeking trans people with German/English translation skills to help translate. Funding will enable us to pay for the translations.

Would you like to help translate? Fill out this form.

Would you like to talk about funding? Please contact @ericascape@threads.net

Project status

The Third Sex (Das 3. Geschlecht)

Issue 1: 5 out of 7 articles translated

Issue 2: 7 out of 10 articles translated

Issue 3: 9 out of 13 articles translated

Issue 4: 0 out of 8 articles translated

Issue 5: 0 out of 9 articles translated

The Girlfriend (Die Freundin)

This lesbian-interest periodical featured a column for trans readers. More research is needed to find and scan these columns from microfiche.

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