A happy trans woman

The Third Sex Issue 3, article 8 (February 1931)

If I am to tell when I first began to have transgender1 inclinations, I must go back to my earliest childhood. I am told by my older siblings that I always wanted to put on my festive dresses as much as I was wearing boys’ pants. I am said to have cried when I was denied. When I started school, I put on my older sister’s clothes as often as possible, of course only in secret, because I was soon embarrassed about admitting my urges. In the higher grades of school, when going through the classical dramas and poems, I was always very happy to be given the female roles to read, which happened quite often. I was not nervous at all, but recited just as many lines as the other students. However, the tendency towards female clothing remained unchanged even after I graduated from school and came of age. I got to know young girls. When I had a sufficient income, I occasionally considered getting married, but decided against it at first, because I felt that not every woman would be the right one for me. Then came the war, which I joined for a time. I have to say that it was not so much the danger that made me feel uncomfortable about the life of a soldier, but rather the lack of any comfort to which we civilized people are so attached, especially so for people who feel like me, of course. So I was very happy when it was all over and I could bathe again to my heart’s content. Soon enough I made a close friendship with a young girl who was energetic and yet dear and endowed with many feminine virtues. I soon felt that she would be the right complement for me, but many years passed before we got married. During this time, however, we had got to know each other thoroughly and gradually I had also made it clear to my bride how things were going with my inner life. She had much understanding and I often put on my bride’s clothes. One day she granted my wish as well. She pierced my ears by making a few tiny holes for me with great care. Since we were married, I have of course had my own women’s wardrobe, very nice lingerie that I always wear, and of course a well-made wig. I would like to mention right away that we are not overly blessed with good fortune, but otherwise we are very solid and humble and very hardworking in our professional lives. So we can put some money towards my peculiarity. In the winter at Mardi Gras it is of course a great pleasure for me to attend costume balls as a lady and it makes me very proud when I am asked to dance without being recognized and can carry out my role to the end.

  1. transvestitische